Saturday, October 25, 2008

Respect the Bread

Tonight my husband requested that I respect the bread. I have a bad habit of smushing the loaves of sandwich bread when I go to the grocery store. I either pile the subsequent groceries on top or put the bread on the bottom when I am placing the bags in the car. My goal every Saturday afternoon or evening is to do the grocery shopping as quickly as possible and that usually means I don't take extra special care of the fragile items as I probably should.

My husband complained that when the bread gets smashed, his sandwiches are smaller. I explained that it's still the same amount of bread because the loaves are presliced. He stated that there is less surface area for the peanut butter and jelly. I suggested to slap it on a little thicker. Somehow I lost and ended up agreeing to respect the bread in the future and gave him a kiss.

Now I must right some other wrongs:

I apologize for my over exaggeration last week. Our Super Walmart does not have 43 checkout lanes and only 25% of them open at a time. I counted this evening and there are 28 checkout lanes and 10.7% of them were open. (2 of them were for customers with 20 items or less.)

I apologize for my lack of responding to comments. Some bloggers are so good at following up with comments that are posted on their blogs. I'm not. There have been times when I've commented on a stranger's blog and thought, "Oh, I hope she likes me," or "She's totally going to want to be my cyber friend because I have six kids too," and I get nothing in return and it leaves me thinking, "Did I say something wrong?" or "Am I that dorky?" Anyway, I try to at least respond to first commenters because I know the fear that goes along with it. Just know, if I don't always respond, I still love you. Please keep commenting. It helps boost my blog esteem.

I said yesterday, "Sarah is one of my favorite kids." I don't really have favorites. They're all my favorites.

I think that is all the apologies that I have for now....

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