Friday, May 29, 2009


Today was a "yes" day. It's been long week. I didn't even attempt to actively teach my kids anything. My bleeding got a little heavy today. It probably wasn't all that heavy, but being a tampon sort of girl, I'm not used to wearing maxi pads and feeling and seeing the quantity of blood flow out. So I chose to remain in the supine position most of the day to prevent gravity from doing it's uncomfortable work. Which means that I let my kids get away with a lot of stuff including watching TV and eating junk. As I momentarily sat at my computer this afternoon, I was able to record this:

Notice that I've trained them well to peel Hershey Kisses over the trash can because they know that they will not get anymore if I have to pick up foil wrappers in the house.

Rachel was napping during the video event. She got her chocolate later:

Emily told me today that she is SO excited for this summer. I asked her why. I was thinking that she was excited for the pool, for my birthday, for Wendy's birthday, or for a vacation, but she told me that she is so excited for Science Camp. Which means I better get a move on it. I think we might start with pH the first week which begins on Monday. Yay! Science Camp!

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