Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

So I mentioned last week that I was having a bad week. To fill you in on the details ... I found out last week that I was chosen to be one of the elite 1% of women who experience more than 2 miscarriages in a row. On Monday I was hoping to start feeling the wonderful morning sickness that always begins at the conclusion of week six of pregnancy. Instead I was greeted with bloody underwear. Not what I had in mind, but I cried, dealt with it, and had a good friend bring me some fried chicken and mint chocolate chip ice cream to fill the void. I'm ok. Perhaps I'm just getting a little greedy with the children. It's just so weird having a gap of more than 2 years between kids! Or maybe my body is just taking a break and preparing itself for the next batch.

I went to the doctor the next day and he thinks I have low progesterone. I could've self diagnosed that. I've read that chronic stress can cause high levels of cortisol which in turn decreases progesterone which is an essential horomone to maintain a pregnancy. However I get frustrated that doctors won't admit that stress can be a factor to recurrent miscarriages.

My other theory still remains too ... that the angels in heaven are still having difficulty finding a willing spirit to play the part of a 7th child. Grrr. Or ... my fetility has been transferred to our garden ...

Look at that lush fertileness! If only my uterus could do the same.

Not only is our garden a source of food, but it's also a source of genital coverings if we should lose the clothes off our backs in this bad economy.

Now this THIS is beauty!

I think Heavenly Father and Jesus did an awesome job creating the Zinnia. Why they created the cockroach is still a mystery to me. But I suppose it must needs be that there is an opposition in all things.

This made my day today.

I've been worried that there would be a lack of bees to pollinate my cucumbers and zucchini. I saw several bees feasting on the delicate blooms today. Perhaps now my chronic stress will be put to an end and I can enjoy a surge of progesterone.

A few more things that make me happy.
Cucumber tendrils - such spiral beauty in nature!

Garden visitors.

McDonald's ice cream cones.

That yellow safety cone in the background is protecting Walmart patrons from slipping on the Sprite I spilled.

Jason also learned that shortly after this picture that it's not a good idea to take a bite out of the handle of the cone before finishing the top.

Nana and Papa left today. I'm on my own with cleaning dishes and thinking of meals to prepare. We had a great time!


  1. Number 7's are difficult to get here. For the first try at 7, I went for a 20 week ultra sound and the tech. got all weird and said my doctor wanted to see me that day- no heart beat. That really hurt not to mention the d&c. Then Kenny was diagnosed with trisomy 18. (Usually a miscarriage or death hours after birth.) Which cleared up- miracle- by the eight month. (Confirmed miracle during his blessing.) Those number 7's can cause such heartache, but are the luckiest and sweetest when they finally get here. Hang in there.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your loss!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that : (

  4. Thanks guys!

    And Beth - What a great miracle that inspires hope! We are going to continue to persist. I wonder if Donny Osmond was this hard to conceive?