Saturday, May 16, 2009

Church Cleaning

This weekend it was our family's turn to clean the church building. We gathered the kids, jumped in the van and headed to the church at about 5:30 PM this evening. My policy is to clean the church building as good as I would clean my own house. Ok, so that's probably not the best policy considering my house looks like this right now:

... but I have to draw the line somewhere and I can assure you that our church building will not look like that tomorrow.

We set up the folding chairs in the back of the chapel and placed hymnals on them. We made sure the Relief Society room had its chairs in order. We scanned the floors for debris. We took out the trash. We vacuumed the Primary room.

Emily was in charge of cleaning the glass on the doors while Sarah and Wendy looked at their reflections while making faces.

The glass wasn't all that dirty, so Rachel helped to give Emily something to clean. First with some handprints.

Then a little cheek grease.

Then a little toddler slobber.

Finally another handprint. I'm pretty sure we made negative progress on the glass by the time we left.

Bathrooms were also on the list. I scanned them and they looked clean to me. They were cleaner than my toilets at home. So we skipped that. I see no sense in cleaning something that isn't dirty. Right? I mean I know there are probably microscopic germs on those toilet seats, but it's my policy that I must see dirt, mold, or mildew to clean it. I say to all germophobes, "Toilet goer beware. If you want a clean toilet seat, put some Lysol wipes in your purse or just squat." (Seriously, men have it so easy, don't they?)

Our duty is done. Now I have to clean my own house within the next 15 minutes if I want to get to bed on time. Not going to happen, but at least I blogged.

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