Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good Morning Glory!

Emily was watching me get dressed this morning and asked, "Mommy, why do you wear a bra?"
Sadly I gave her an honest reply, "To make it look like I have boobs."

There might not be much glory in my chest, but there was some glory in my garden this morning. I surprisingly found this beautiful bloom by my beans. I believe it is a grandchild, or possibly a great-grandchild of a plant I planted from seed 2 or 3 years ago. I think the center of the flower looks like the entrance into heaven.

I'm afraid you might have to put up with lots of pictures of my garden this summer. It's just a source of joy for me right now and I can't help but share. I've never had much of a green thumb. If it's been green at all, it's been a putrid green. But we discovered the key to success this year -- COMPOST! And lots of it!

I also made fried zucchini blossoms this afternoon. That was fun.

I gathered 10 male blossoms that fell off or were ready to fall off and made a batter of egg, milk, flour, and a dash of salt.

I dipped them in the batter and fried them in a pan of oil until golden brown.

Not bad. You can also stuff them with feta cheese which sounds really good. I read that zucchini blossoms can cost as much as $1 a piece at farmer's markets. So I guess we had quite the delicacy today.

Speaking of delicacy, I have a quick funny little story. When my husband and I were dating, we attended the young single adults family home evening on Monday nights at church. One evening a returned missionary was giving the lesson or made a comment during the lesson (I don't remember) about a certain food that was served in the region of the world where he served his mission. I don't remember what it was, maybe cow testicles or monkey eyeballs. It was something gross. Anyway, he kept describing this rare and luxurious food as a "delicatessen." I turned to David and whispered, "Does he mean delicacy?" David whispered, "Yeah, I think so." Then we couldn't stop busting up the several times he said delicatessen. Nobody ever corrected him. We probably should have, but it was so funny to hear him saying it.

So, yes, zucchini blossoms are a delicious delicatessen. If you think you don't have a green thumb, try growing zucchini. I think it's pretty easy.


  1. i never knew you could eat the blossom!?! look at your, taking something healthy, and frying it! you have definitely been influenced by the south!!

  2. Hahaha. When I first moved here I was shocked that people fried their Thanksgiving turkeys. I don't understand why frying gets such a bum rap though. It's 0 trans fat, polyunsaturated essential vegeteble oil. I'm not frying in the lard from a pig I just butchered. That is SO pioneer! And I'm not frying Twinkies, Oreos, and pickles...yet.

    The deer love to eat the blossoms too.

  3. I love the morning glory picture! It does look like the cosmos in miniature.