Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Progress Report

April 26th

May 6th (10 days later)

I don't know if zucchini normally grow that big that fast, but I like it! I'm sure they are way overcrowded, but I'm learning. The seeds just look so little when you plant them. I had no idea the plants would be this big.

Jason was a little bored with the applesauce.

But Rachel had fun with the linguine.

And now to report on my Google Analytics. I like to check it everynow and then to see how people get to my website. For the past month I've had some keyword searches. Here are some:
  1. back in panties
  2. "plunge the toilet" husband
  3. so badly i wet
  4. with him inside me
  5. "woman poops" in public pool
  6. baptism dunk
  7. can i plant my placenta in a big pot with a tree
  8. got to pee
  9. how do you know youve been defriended
  10. i wet my knickers
  11. mature naked moms
  12. mature pooping
  13. mature+poop
  14. melinda pee
  15. my kids wet their pants blogspot
  16. peed my pants accident pregnant
  17. poop pants girl
  18. "potty" + "accident" + "15 years old"
  19. shaving bikini line
  20. wash sheets peed bed blog
  21. wetting panties accidents
  22. women pooping in their panties
  23. melinda beth booty

Ahh, good. I'm glad to know that my blog is still a popular landing spot for the poop and pee searches. And I wonder what does happens if you do plant a placenta with a tree?


  1. hmmm...i think you've got some explaining to do with #23!?!? oh, and #11. how do you look that stuff up? i think a tree grows faster with a placenta, or something like that. or maybe it just becomes that childs tree because their old life support is buried underneath it! you should totally try it next time around...;) ???

  2. On the way out of the hospital: You have my new baby, diaper bag (courtesy of some formula company), flowers from your Visiting Teacher and a special red bag marked Caution, blood products enclosed: your placenta for your garden/new tree. Wow, you should really consider it, better than the pooped panties (I just throw those away). HAHA

  3. Those searches are awesome. Have you considered staking the zucchini plants so they grow more vertically? I didn't last year, but that's the plan this year. I did a bit of reading on vertical gardening and square foot gardening, so I am staking all my vines.