Saturday, May 30, 2009


The other night when my parents were here David and I got a date night with free babysitting. We went to Target. While we were browsing the shoe section an attractive young man approached us. He was most likely in his young 20's, blonde, fit, groomed, wearing cool worn jeans and a snug fit ivory colored polo shirt. He was a pretty boy. He had a shoe box in each hand and he politely asked us if we could give him our opinion of what pair we thought he should buy. One was a brown sneaker-like shoe. Very Mossimo and trendy. The other was a plain pair of brown leather dress shoes. David immediately pointed to the sneaker and I agreed. He thanked us and told us that he asked two other women a moment ago, but he wanted to get the opinions of people more "his age." I had seen the other women earlier and I had estimated that they were pushing 30. 35 at most. David and I turned the corner and giggled in the next aisle. I guess leaving six kids at home makes us look younger.

I went to the grocery store this evening and came home, pulled into the driveway, and shined my headlights on this:

I'm glad I saw it because I would've walked right into it carrying the groceries inside the house. You can't see in this photo, but the spider is bright orange.


  1. that is disgusting!! SC spiders work fast! I hope you looked him in the eyes, scolded him, then sent him to spider heaven! You know, we don't have spiders like that in MD! Well, we better not!

  2. Probably leaving the kids at home did help :) But I wonder if there's something in our families that makes us look younger than we are? I'm constantly being mistaken for an undergraduate (or even high schooler, sometimes), and I'm a PhD student. Hum.

    That spider is really cool. Did you leave him there? Maybe he'll catch lots of mosquitos!

  3. I did not kill it. I let it be and it had packed up and moved by morning. I don't hate spiders. They are cuddly cute in comparison to cockroaches. I think cockroaches are the devil's angels.