Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fantasy Reality

Tonight after bath time I saw Wendy and Sarah standing in a single file line outside their closed bedroom door. I asked them what they were doing and Sarah replied, "We're playing American Idol."

I could hear Emily inside singing Silent Night to the panel of judges who I assumed were Bradley, Jason, and Rachel. I gathered some dirty laundry in the other bedrooms as she sang and brought them to their room. When I entered, I witnessed her pleading with the judges to let her through to Hollywood. She was giving some sob story about how she had been practicing for 2 weeks or something. I left the room to finish my chores and as I passed Sarah and Wendy I heard Sarah say to Wendy, "We're the mudders (mothers)." I don't know if she meant that they were the mothers waiting to find out the fate of their daughter's singing career or if it was simply their young perspective of the show's contestants. I personally view the contestants as kids, however, I could see how my children might view them as adults, and in their minds adults = parents. As I walked down the hall I heard screams which led me to believe that Emily had convinced the judges to give her a golden ticket.

The rest of the children continued to audition. Wendy sang Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Bradley sang Frosty the Snowman. I missed Sarah's audition. Bradley was last one to try out and Emily, who was now on the panel of judges, made him anxiously wait for his result as she finished her last round of electronic Yahtzee (for real). David and I stood outside the door and waited to see if he made it. He opened the door with a sad face, but then surprised us by flashing his imaginary golden piece of paper. Yay! All four kids are going to Hollywood! I can't wait.

Now flash into reality. I'm going on blog pause for a moment because I have a house to clean...

(that's supposed to be a pause symbol)


  1. Your kids have the best imaginations!

  2. I wish I could put a || on housework at least on laundry.