Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Chicken Nugget Dance

This is the kid's new self choreographed dance. It is a 2 minute and 30 second interpretive dance about the Ketchup Queen (Emily) and her chicken nuggets. As you watch, you will see Boy Nugget (Bradley) prefers to be dipped head first, while the girl nuggets (Sarah and Wendy) prefer to tip toe daintily through the Queen's ketchup after she wakes them from a deep sleep in hot oil. Ironically, Nugget #2 (Sarah) is wearing red and yellow to represent the famous Golden Arch's McNugget, and Nugget #3 is named Wendy to represent the fast food chain with the best 5 piece nugget deal. The second half is freestyle dancing interpreted as the happy feelings of the body during digestion of nuggets. Toward the end of the piece you will see Princess Ketchup, just a tiny drip, crawl onto the stage, as a love conflict arises between the Ketchup Queen and Boy Nugget. Boy Nugget agrees to kiss the hand of the Queen but refuses to be kissed by her. We hope you enjoy the show!

And, yes, it's January 14, and I still have my live Christmas tree up. It's just so beautiful!