Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Better Day. A Great Day!

Excuse my bad mood yesterday. Today was a better day. My husband takes Thursdays off. We went to the park. We met a friend there. It was helpful having some extra hands to push swings because it's hard keeping six kids pendulating all at once. The kids had a great time:

Sarah liked the swings.

Rachel rode a swing for the first time. She just couldn't get enough licks of the crisp fresh air. She's always been my little tongue baby.

Jason liked the swings.

I noticed that Rachel always keeps her left-hand fingers in the ready position. You never know when you might need a good suck.

Even web developers deserve a good day playing at the park.

On the way to and from the park we stopped at Target.

Now this is what I call Food Storage:

How sweet is that?

24 (21 lbs.) bags of plain M&M's @ $0.27 each.
28 bags (19 lbs.) of Reese's mini cups @ $0.27 each.
4 bags (3.5 lbs.) of peanut M&M's @ $0.27 each.
3 bags (2.5 lbs.) of candy cane Hershey Kisses @ $0.27 each.
and 36 (4 lbs.) M&M candy canes @ $0.09 each.

That's a total of 50 lbs. of chocolate candy (about 980 Reese's Cups and 55 cups of M&M's) for less than $20. I don't care how unemployed you are, you can always find money for chocolate. Emily said it was definitely a 3 year supply of chocolate, however, my calculations tell me that this amount of chocolate will only provide 1 oz. of chocolate per person for 100 days. Man! I knew I should've gotten more!

Then we went to an Asian grocery mart to get some miso paste. When we went to the festival of lights before Christmas, John Tesh told us on his radio show that miso soup helps prevent crows feet, "because it’s loaded with soy isoflavones. If you had 3 cups of miso soup a week, and kept it up for 3 months, you would see a decrease in fine lines and improved skin elasticity. That’s according to Yale University School of Medicine, which found that soy isoflavones help repair skin tissue and diminish wrinkles." Soy we are going to eat miso soup every day for the rest of our lives. We trust John Tesh.

Then we came home, and I went running. What is up with that? I haven't run in like 8 years. But my husband encouraged me to take this rare era of my so-far-married-life in which I'm not pregnant and won't be for 3 months, to get in better cardiovascular shape. For some reason I actually listened to him and ran for like a half mile (5 minutes). I got terrible side cramps and walked the rest of the 10 minutes. I start small.

Then we ate our miso soup that my husband made (Delicious! I feel younger looking already!), sweet potatoes, and grits.

Then I tackled laundry.

Confession: I watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice while I folded a gazillion children's clothing pieces (that I supposedly will never be able to sell or donate in the future.) I don't normally watch those shows because of the garbage on them, but Tim Daly is pretty hot. I can't believe he's 52! Also, since my favorite show last season, Journeyman, was cancelled, I had to check out how Kevin McKidd was doing on his new gig with Grey's.

Yes, good day! The park, bargain chocolate, and promises of miso soup totally overuled dreadful laundry and bad legislation (see yesterday).


  1. Fun day!

    I heard that NBC got rights to air the new series "Merlin" in the U.S. If so... you should check it out. It can be cheesy, but it's also cute inaccurate Arthurian fun.

  2. Melinda, your blog is always so informative and fun.
    That's a lot of chocolate!!
    I'm going out to get some miso soup. Although I'm not sure if it will help me at this point. But, if it can reduce my wrinkles...that would be great!
    Thanks! Cindy