Friday, January 16, 2009

Snow Day

Ok, so it didn't really snow today, but if there was any precipitation, I think it would've. It definitely did not get above the 30's. I had multiple loads of laundry to fold, so I told the kids to lie on my bed and watch some TV. I asked, "Who wants socks?" and they all replied, "I do!" My kids never wear socks unless they have to wear their sneakers or church shoes, but today they agreed some toasty toes sounded like a good idea. They all gathered around me with their 10 feet (Rachel was already wearing footed pajamas) and waited for me to put on their socks one by one. Then they all cozied up with a blanket and settled down to watch Little House on the Prairie. Unfortunately it was one of the later episodes in the series and the kids weren't too interested because Laura Ingalls Wilder was all grown up. So they got off the bed, took their socks off, and messed up my laundry as they played one of their imagination games. I think today it was "Save the Princess from the Sinking Boat" or something like that. I'll have to admit that laundry baskets do make great boats. But my whole snuggle-up-on-a-cozy-warm-bed-and-watch-some-TV idea totally backfired. I suppose I could've let them watch Wonderpets or Super Why, but I just wasn't in the mood for those shows today. I declared it a snow day and those shows are too educational. So after my 3 hours of laundry, I repledged to myself that I will never fold laundry as long as there are children under the age of 7 in the room. It just doesn't work.

Now all this cold weather really has me missing my Christmas tree and my brain can't function in the cold, so I'm going to go do a whole lot of nothing while I drink some hot chocolate.

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  1. I pledge to never fold laundry- I have seven kids who can sort and take to rooms (and even put away the little ones things in their drawers.)