Thursday, January 15, 2009

I learned 3 new things today.

1. Empty peanut butter containers don't do well in the dishwasher. Who would've thought? I guess I should have thought before I put it in the dishwasher. It's too bad because I love empty peanut butter containers. They are great for storing beans. Dry beans.

2. I replaced the burned out light bulbs on the Christmas tree lights as I sadly took the strands off the tree. It appears that orange lights do not last the longest. Blue ones appear to be pretty hardy. My hypothesis? The factory line that makes the filaments for orange mini lights is not as good as the ones that make them for blue and red ones.

3. 11 times any number is that number with the tens digit moved to the hundreds place and the tens digit the sum of the hundreds and ones digit. I know. Confusing. Here's an example:

11 x 17 = 187 (Split apart the 17, add 1 + 7, and stick the sum, 8, in the middle.)

11 x 25 = 275 (Split apart the 25, add 2 + 5, and stick the sum, 7, in the middle.)

11 x 38 = 418 (That one is a little tricky because 8 + 3 is 11 so you have to make the 3 a 4.)

Get it? How awesome is that? How come I never knew that?

What else in the news?
Our tree is gone. I had no choice. The trash truck comes on Fridays and I just couldn't spend Rachel's birthday next Thursday taking it down. Although, now that I think about it, Monday is Martin Luther King Day, which means that the trash will be postponed a day. Dang it! I could've enjoyed it one more week. Sigh!

We undressed it slowly, carefully wrapping each ornament in white tissue paper and placing it in it's plastic bin home for the next 10 1/2 months. At lunch we (I) sang the ode I wrote 2 years ago, in thanks for the kind service he provided for us this Christmas season. Oh, how I hope Tree is reincarnated in the form of pine nuggets and comes to live in our garden this April. That would be cool.

I told my husband he would've made a great male cheerleader. Look at that one-handed lift with a six foot tree! GO TREE! We'll miss you! Come back again some day.

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