Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My retirement is looking secure.

Yesterday the kids played candy shop. What else do you do with 20 + lbs. of candy hanging around house? Emily was in charge. The shop was set up in the piano room. Each type of candy had it's place. The plain M&Ms on the piano and piano bench. Reese's cups sat on a red kid's bench. M&M candy canes were on a chair. Almond Bark and mint M&M's were by the Christmas books that were on clearance.

I sat and listened to them playing. I enjoyed what they were creating. Emily stated that she was the manager. She announced that she needed to hire an artist to paint a window display. Bradley offered and shouted out a verbal resume declaring that he was a good artist. According to Emily's reaction, he must have been great because he painted a delightful, giant, imaginary Reese's cup and M&M. Then Emily, a good manager, did not fire Bradley after his contract job was complete, and put him to work advertising with the "stack of flyers that she had in the back." They hustled and bustled getting the store ready. They named it Candy World because, "There is already a Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania." (They did their competitor research this summer.) Then they sent a special invitation upstairs to Daddy for their grand opening and sent him home with a bunch of free samples after he made a purchase.
I have high hopes for their future businesses. Like I said, my retirement is looking secure.


  1. now that is impressive! I was proud of my kids for mixing the homemade playdough into colors. Winni chose purple and poop brown and Trae chose blue. Then they made pancakes out of them. Mmmmmm Yumm poop brown pancakes!

  2. Let Emily know that I'll order 2 packages of mint m&m's -those are so hard to find nowadays! Is she set up on paypal? Do they ship out of state?

    : )