Friday, January 09, 2009

Suffering Afflictions

Today I worked on:

New Year's Resolution #3 - Read entire Friend to my kids each month. (Not all in one day.)

Today I read the First Presidency message to them. As we read, we talked about the attributes of Christ such as knowledge and humility, charity and love, obedience and diligence, faith and hope. Somehow the discussion evolved to talking about the 10 Commandments, which led to talking about the "Life of Crime" Spongebob episode, which led to talking about the positive attributes of Spongebob, which are, by the way, hard-worker, happy, friendly, and innocent. When I managed to get the lesson back on track, I closed by reading the last sentence, "Both faith and hope will carry us across oceans of temptations, over mountains of afflictions..."

"What's afflictions?" Emily asked.

I explained that Daddy not having a job is an affliction. Some people have illnesses that are afflictions. I told her afflictions were trials. When we face them and endure them, we become stronger and closer to Jesus and Heavenly Father. Then I posed the question, "Can you think of any other afflictions that people might face?"

She thought for a moment and then responded, "Like maybe if you're 42 and not married yet?"

After I finished cracking up I said, "Sure, that could be an affliction." Then I continued, "...and bring us safely back to our eternal home and destination."

Then I fished out the missing letter magnets from beneath the refrigerator:

and we created this:

Choosing the Right + Keeping the Commandments leads to Faith (and happy parents.)

Then Emily played Wedding Planner and planned Sarah's wedding.

Mmmm. Love the Attire! And the Little Red Riding hood bride's maid. And the beautiful fake flowers that they plucked out of the green styrofoam from one of my vases.

The bride's dress is designed by Emily. It is a two piece original with a purple 100% cotton long-sleeved bodice and red polyester skirt. Need something blue? Not to worry, their is a Superman logo ironed onto the inside of the skirt to symbolize love, modesty, and fidelity in your new marriage. The neon green beads and Cinderella gloves tied around the wrists accessorize the bride perfectly. The lacy fisherman hat veil compliments this Emily dress and will make any child, woman, or old maid beautiful on their pretend or real wedding day.

When you are playing pretend, you are:
A. make-believing
B. making-believing
C. making-believe

Coming tomorrow: A word on potty training...

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  1. duh, playing make-believe! but to answer your question making-believe, cause that's what you are doing! right? and yes, that was me commenting as Jenny! oops, I tend to do that.