Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little Monday Action

This afternoon I sat down with Bradley and Emily to talk about American presidents. We paged through a book that talks briefly about each president. We learned a couple of new things. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4th, 1826? I also could not figure out why the book which covers Washington thru the second Bush had only 42 presidents. They keep talking about Obama being the 44th. I thought either 1) the news is wrong, or 2) I have a defective book. Well, come to find out, Grover Cleveland served two unconsective terms (1885-1889 and 1893-1897.) It was a relief to get that cleared up. Bradley was also excited that he shares a birthday with Laura Bush.

My dinner:
Family Home Evening
Sarah is hot or cold when it comes to her moods. There is very little in between. At Family Home Evening tonight she pouted because she lost the first round of Simon Says because she put her tongue back into her mouth when Simon didn't say. She sat on the couch and pouted during the next 5 rounds as Emily and Bradley played and Wendy and Jason tried to play. But after the rounds were finished, Sarah insisted that I take some pictures of her modeling her beautiful attire.

Ok, so she might not have the most promising career in modeling, but Sarah sure is lovable when she is in one of her good moods.

I did a little bit of self destructing tonight and watched The Bachelor. I just can't resist it! But I could not believe the group date where they made chest and belly casts of themselves that they painted to auction for Breast Cancer Awareness. HELLO!!!**!!! That date would've been my utter demise!! "A" cups just don't get you that far this early in the game. And sure enough, the girl with the flatest chest did NOT get a rose. Man! I feel for her.

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  1. We've stopped doing the game portion for FHE lately because it only leads to fights or hurt feelings. Not as hurt feeling as the gal who didn't get a rose though.