Saturday, November 29, 2008

A little about Sarah.

I can't convince Sarah that it's called a piano and not a com-piano. Kids these days! I guess it's common sense to think that anything with keys must start with 'com.' She thinks I'm joking. Maybe someday she will be a concert com-pianist.

I walked into the bathroom tonight. Sarah was screaming. As a result, David had purple ear plugs in his ears. She was complaining that the water was getting too high. Usually when Sarah takes a bath the water is shallow, but tonight David had it a little higher to give the kids a good soak and scrub down. It was unusual that she was so distressed, so after the bath David sat Sarah on his lap and talked to her about it:
David: Are you scared of the water?
Sarah: No.
David: Does the water hurt your legs? (Sarah has eczema.)
Sarah: No.
David: Then what was the matter?
Sarah: (Whimpering through the sobs) I was scared Rachel was going to go under the water because she's little.

After her explanation, it made a lot more sense. She was having some anxiety and concern for her baby sister. I thought it was sweet.

Sarah's been crawling into bed with us almost daily now. She quietly gets under the covers and snuggles up to me usually sometime between 2 AM and 6 AM. This morning I was half asleep, but aware of the intrusion. I felt a tap on the shoulder and heard her whisper, "It's me, Sarah," as if I didn't know. I always thought I would forbid children sleeping in my bed, but I actually enjoy it. I think Sarah likes the one-on-one snuggle time with her Mommy while the others are fast asleep a whole hallway away. I've asked her several times why she comes in our bed, and she never has a good excuse. No excuse needed. That's why we purchased a king-sized bed 3 years ago.

Sarah also likes the turkey drumstick.

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  1. I am not sure how I found your blog but I looked at it because my name is Melinda, too. It's great! I totally enjoyed reading it. Your kids are so cute! You have a great family!!!