Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy Brithday!

The card Emily made Bradley.

Bradley - November 2002

Thank goodness he grew up to be handsome.

Bradley resists variety. He requested the same cake as last year except with a 6 and no Milky Ways because he doesn't like Milky Ways. I did my best. Instead of a round cake, he got an easy rectangle cake with Hershey Bar pieces. I added a single Kit Kat under the 6 and of course he complained because he doesn't like Kit Kats. But I explained I needed to put the Kit Kat under the six so we didn't get confused and think he was 9. I told him that he didn't have to eat the Kit Kat. He agreed that it made total sense.

Bradley had a good brithday yesterday.


  1. I love it when kids don't know better than to love the simple things in life--like an easy birthday cake! Love the kitkat explanation, it even worked for me.

  2. I remember thinking last year that his cake looked awesome. I'm glad he had the sense to ask for it again. ;)

  3. A brithday is a holiday coined by a second grader because her mother is obviously failing in teaching her how to spell.

  4. Too cute! Happy birthday Bradley! I hope you had a good one. My grandma made us pillows out of pictures that we drew her growing up.. mine says on it "form Becky" I drew it when I was 7. its easy to get those letters mixed up ;)

  5. First, love the cake...could you send me some?? Second it's 11:17 your time and you haven't blogged yet! cough cough SLACKER cough cough!! :)

  6. I blogged just in the nick of time. I was busy trying out the new annotations feature on my YouTube video for today's post. It's like Pop-up Videos. Pretty cool!