Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Perfect Role Play

Whenever I read a blog post about how a blogger's child demonstrated their knowledge and love of Jesus I get kind of jealous because I wish my kids said cute things like that too. If only Spongebob, Dora, and the Wonder Pets taught about Jesus and the Plan of Salvation, I would be totally set. However, as I walked through the playroom today and overheard the kids playing, my heart was filled with joy because my kids are cute too.:

First I heard Sarah crying and complaining, "I want to be a Mormon!"

I stopped to listen to what the fussing was about and heard this dialog:

Emily: No you can't be a Mormon. I have to invite you to Primary.
Sarah stops crying and becomes more agreeable.
Sarah: Ok.
Emily: Now you ask me what a Mormon is.
Sarah: What is a Mormon?
Emily: A Mormon is someone who believes in Jesus.
Sarah: I don't believe in Jesus.
Emily: Then you need to come to Primary with me tomorrow.
Sarah: Ok.
How sweet is that? My kids are little missionaries in training. I love it. I'm not sure how much credit I can take for that, except for the fact I bring them to church. I think the credit goes to their Primary leaders for doing such a good job at teaching my children and making Primary an enjoyable experience for them. So enjoyable, that they love to reenact it at home and want to bring other kids too.

Today Rachel turned 10 months. She's growing up and rode in the shopping cart for the first time. Doesn't she seem excited about it?

A whole new world of toys.

We finished the pancake mix today. My pancakes starting getting larger as I cooked them.

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