Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good night dirty sink

It is 11:43 PM and my kitchen sink looks like this:

and I don't care. As you can see we had scrambled eggs for dinner and this is only a sampling of what the rest of my kitchen looks like. There was an era in my life when it would've been the end of me to retire with unresolved messes. That was the same era that the clothing in my closet was arranged by color. I'm lucky that my clothes ever see a hanger these days. After folding 5 loads of laundry and trying to get a 2 year old to fall asleep by boring him with Bill O'Reilly and Hannity and Colmes, dishes aren't my highest priority tonight. My socks are wet from stepping in a kitchen floor puddle and my toes are rejecting the cold kitchen tile floor. They are telling me bed is where they need to be. It took me two hours to get toddler Jason settled tonight. The problem is he probably takes too long of an afternoon nap. It's just so nice to get a break from his destructiveness during the day, that I postpone waking him up every afternoon until it's like 5:00 PM. Therefore he's not quite tired enough in the evening to go to bed and he performs crib escapes. When Bill O'Reilly wasn't enough to bore him, I selected a Discovery Channel show called "Destroyed in Seconds." As Jason watched an apartment building get sucked up by a giant sink hole he couldn't stop saying, "Uh oh! Bo-ken! (Broken) Uh oh, Mommy! Uh oh! It bo-ken! Uh-oh! Gasp! Uh oh! Bo-ken! Uh-oh! Mommy! (pointing to the TV) Uh oh!" When that didn't work, we tried Andersen Cooper. Finally he crashed as I rubbed his head. However, he's still on my bed, because the minute I try to carry him to his room, he regains full conscicousness. I know I'll be mad at myself in the morning for not mustering the will to clean my kitchen, but oh well! My toes will thank me for it.

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