Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Preserving my history

I went to an Enrichment meeting tonight at church. We ate some good food and then had a lesson by two young gentleman about preserving our family photos. One thing they recommended was to back up photos onto an external hard drive. My parents gave us a nice compact 150 GB drive for Christmas last year. I plugged it in several months ago and just realized I never transferred my photos to it. So that is what I am doing tonight. I have a lot of organizing to do. Everytime I download the pictures off my camera I puke them onto my computer's desktop and it's a mess! On to preserving my history... I'm glad our Enrichment meeting didn't tell us blogging is evil.


  1. hahaha was that directed at me??? :) they actually didn't tell us blogging is evil, but a friend i had told that i was addicted to blogging decided to announce to everyone that i had a problem!! thanks amy!! i'll keep it a secret that you don't cook real food for your family! i'm not bitter!

    wow! smart word verification...my "word" was ventin

  2. Uh oh. That Amy better be careful!

    I've been seriously paranoid about being on the computer since you wrote that post. I thought I had things in balance and then I started second guessing myself. After you wrote that I tried spending more time with my kids and they ended up kicking me out of their posse because I sing too much. I give up! I need my computer to give me some therapy throughout the day (in short spurts, of course.)