Tuesday, September 09, 2008


My hands were clenched, my heart was racing.
"Honey, when should I do it?"
"Last minute."
"Now? Come help me."
"No. You can do it."
"44 seconds. Now?"
My heart continued to race as I watched the green bars advance across the bottom of Internet Explorer. I covered my face in anticipation. My heart beat faster. My toes curled. I couldn't handle the stress.
I read, "Congratulations! The item is yours." (or something like that)
I blink. I read, "Congratulations! The item is yours."


I get up and do the Ebay winner dance, slap David a high five, and do some more dancing.

The total adrenaline rush.

That was awesome!!

Oh yeah, I won a Lot of 24 Magic Tree House books for $21.99 in mint and near mint condition.

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