Monday, September 29, 2008

Featuring my kid with the fuzzy head

I thought I'd post some of Jason's most recent phrases. He's a thinker when it comes to language. He gives you a blank stare when you speak to him. I think he is trying to soak it all in. This is his progress:

"boken" (broken)
"ess" (this is for mess, dress, and yes)
"get out" (usually said when he climbs out of his crib.)
"boop" (poop)
"ay-yah" (Sarah)
"Da-yee" (Daddy)
"Ray-shel" (Rachel)
"oy" (toy)
"em-ade" (lemonade)
"iw-wo" (pajama. He confuses pajamas for pillows.)
"etzel" (cracker. A little confusion there too.)
"ookie" (cookie)
"Ank oo, Mommy." (Thank you, Mommy.)
"et" (wet)
"ga gone" (all gone)
"hee-yo" (here you go)

Today Jason walked around with a graham cracker box peg leg.


  1. That is the funniest picture...cracker box peg leg...I love your blog!

  2. We really should get Emma and Jason together for a playdate sometime; it looks like he is as much of a character as Emma. I love that picture of that fuzzy headed cutie!