Sunday, September 14, 2008


So how did our week go without raising our voices?

It was AWESOME! I think I added several months to my life. It has a very mellowing effect. I'll admit I was tempted to shout several times.....a day. I think I did a couple times. I'm a little confused on where to draw the line though. For example, when you see that your daughter has been peeling the white paint off of her headboard, is it ok to let out an agghhgghhh!, not at her but just in frustration? I think that's ok. You shouldn't keep energy bottled up inside or it might explode. I kindly told her to quit peeling the paint. In the big picture, a trashy looking headboard is no big deal. The pillows cover it up anyway when the bed is made, so maybe it will be incentive to encourage them to make the bed. We are going to work another week on our softer voice tones and try to get a little better at it. 21 days and it will be a habit.

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