Sunday, September 28, 2008

Answers to Questions

Playtex or Tampax? Obviously Playtex. A recent comment suggested OB for environmental reasons. I justify my use of applicators due to my lack of periods. (By the way - pregnancy is totally the best form of birth control!)

Townhouse or Ritz? My kids refuse to eat oval crackers, so it's Ritz all the way in this house.

(Diet) Coke or (Diet) Pepsi? Definitely prefer Diet Coke, but I buy whatever is on sale. However, I will not settle for store brand cola. It just doesn't cut it.

Sprite or 7UP? Hmm. I think Sprite tastes like soap sometimes. But Sprite definitely seems to be more popular and because of that I give into the peer pressure.

McDonalds or Burger King? My husband won't allow the family to dine at McDonalds because he used to work there (a loooong time ago) and knows too much. We actually prefer Wendy's because 1) we have a daughter named Wendy and Dave Thomas's daughter's actual name is Melinda and, 2) who can refuse a square burger?

Green grapes or red grapes? Red. They have more snap in the skin.

Del Monte or Green Giant? What ever is on sale. Del Monte seems to have more variety of vegetables.

Progresso or Chunky Beef? I think I prefer Chunky Beef because although the two brands contain pretty much the same amount, the Chunky Beef appears to have more because the can is taller thus giving the illusion of a greater value.

Lays or Ruffles? Definitely Ruffles if you are going to indulge in dip. But you can't beat baked Lays. I think I became a Lays fan about 10 or 12 years ago when the whole "light" potato chip thing came out. At the time Ruffles was using Olestra to lower the fat in their product. Olestra was known to cause anal leakage, so I steered clear of Ruffles and developed a healthy fear of it.

Graco or Evenflo? Our first infant seat was Evenflo that lasted through 4 kids. We are all Graco now though - car seat, portcrib, swing, stroller. Graco even sent me a free new swing motor because mine broke after one child. Go Graco!

Spray N Wash or Shout? I am aware of Zout. My mother-in-law introduced it to me after Emily's first blow out, but I can't always seem to find it in the stores. I bought several Spray N Washes on Sale about a year ago that I still have to get through. I also have a bottle of Shout. I'm not too loyal when it comes to stain removers.

Crayola or Rose Art? How does Rose Art even stay in business?

Plain or peanut? Plain. I like unobstructed chocolate.

Milk chocolate or Special Dark? Special Dark all the way!

People or US? People. I think it has higher quality celebrity gossip.

CNN or FOX? FOX. I like Shepard Smith.

Soup or salad? Salad with sesame ginger dressing.

Mmm. Now I'm hungry. I'm going to go grab some Special Dark from the cupboard.

If you missed the General Relief Society broadcast last night, you can watch it at and click on LDS Church Broadcasts.

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  1. I think Walter also worked at McDonald's, but only for like a day. So, if David could please pass on some horror stories that would be great! Walter comes home with way too many McDonald's receipts for me to go through. And, thanks for the link, I will definitely be ignoring my children tomorrow so I can watch it!