Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Mob Mentality

I noticed today that my kids travel in a herd. One moment they are all in the playroom creating a ruckus. Another moment they are sitting happily on the couch watching Dora. Then I hear them trampling upstairs up to no good. As I searched for them at lunchtime, I found them huddled in our small downstairs bathroom, in the dark. Emily had her Disney Princess tracing desk with its dim light perched on the toilet. Sarah situated herself in the stadium seating as she awaited her turn while Bradley and Wendy watched intently and Jason mimicked them watching intently as Emily traced the outline of Chip from Beauty and the Beast. Time for lunch, kids! Don't forget to wash your hands!"

After lunch they herded around Emily and looked at the kid drawings in their church magazine, The Friend. And, yes, my house is a mess. I cropped out as much as I could. I'm working on it... I'm working on it. Wendy is not in the picture because she needed assistance going potty and the downstairs potty was out of order because Emily's tracing desk was sitting on the potty with strict instructions not to move it so her picture wouldn't get ruined. So I took Wendy to the bathroom upstairs, and while I was at it, I spontaneously put her down for a nap. I wasn't very popular for doing that, but I needed a toddler break. Jason went down shortly after. Wendy sleeps in a bed at night, but for her nap I put her in toddler prison (a crib) so I can be assured that she gets up when I want her to get up. About 2 hours after I put her down, I hear her voice in the kitchen.
What the?
"Wendy, did you get yourself out of your crib?"
Nod. "Mommy, I needed you!"
Dang it!
Jason also learned how to unlock the front door and open it today. Crap! Why do kids have to.....have to.....have to learn!? It's not cool.

I thought I'd throw this photo in, since Rachel isn't quite a member of "the herd" yet because she can't walk. She greatly desires to be a member though. Anytime she gets ditched and left in a room all by herself, she fusses. Rachel only fusses for hunger, pain, and loneliness. Rachel normally spends her time on the family room floor. Today I placed her on the floor of the playroom while the kids played in there. She was so happy! It was a whole new world and she must have played in there for two hours straight. She discovered Barbies, blocks, scrap pieces of paper and other random things. They tasted good.

I held my baby tonight. She fell asleep like a log in my arms and I was forced to watch TV. I decided to get acquainted with the Republican nominees and watched the Republican convention with a little bit of America's Got Talent squeezed in between. I wanted to get to know Sarah Palin. I love that she looks like Tina Fey from 30 Rock. So the Republican nominees for President and Vice President have 13 kids combined. I like that!

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