Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Sampling of Our Day

Is going to be our family lawyer and our retirement plan. She's persuasive. Today the kids were begging to watch TV at 9:30 in the morning. After I said no, Emily argued, "But when we watch TV we don't make a mess." We watched "Here Come the ABCs with They Might Be Giants" DVD.

Told me that once, before Rachel was born, he slept all night without a shirt. I love how my kids base time on the birth of their siblings.

Learned how to write her name. She was very excited.

"Mommy, we watch scary My Little Pony Movie now?" I suppose large talking pink ponies with purple manes could be considered scary.

Poured himself a Hello Kitty cup of lemonade and learned a lesson about surface tension.


Got bored at dinner. Crackers and formula get monotonous.

Didn't raise my voice all day. I get five points in Heaven.

Calmly and quietly scolded Bradley for complaining that he wanted ice cream for dessert when a chunk of cookie dough and handful of M&M Minis sat on the table in front of him. We'll put up with a picky eater, but picky about dessert is pushing the limits.

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