Monday, September 22, 2008

The Six Little Pigs

I do my grocery shopping on Saturday evenings. This weekend I was pleased to see that Walmart understaffed their Saturday evening creating long check out lines. This meant I had time to read some celebrity gossip. I settled upon US magazine because of a headline about Brad and Angelina's French chateau being a pigsty. Could it be true? So I found the brief two page article and read it. Yes indeed, even six kids can get the best of the filthy rich and famous. According to the author, who implied a tone of disgust, the family leaves empty pizza boxes and dirty dishes on the counter. Gasp! They don't make their bed because the kids are going to mess it up anyway. Horrid! Piles of clothes are all over the master bedroom. Disgusting! An erector set and scattered toys clutter the foyer. Unacceptable! The walls have toothpaste smeared on them. Nonsense! Crayon marks the walls and wallpaper. Double gasp! Muddy footprint tracks in the living room. Can you believe it? These people actually live what I consider to be a normal life. I found the article delightful. What difference does it make that their castle might be a little messy. At least they can be assured that the big bad wolf isn't going to huff and puff and blow it down. Yes, I like order to my home, but the term "order" becomes relative with each additional kid. In the eternal picture, this is how I see it:

Dirty dishes spread the entire length of counter - evidence that a mother is spending her cleaning time to be with her children (or at least blogging about them.)

Muddy footprints - evidence that children are enjoying childhood, experiencing the outdoors in the mud.

Bed not made - efficient use of time. Who ever goes in the master bedroom anyway?

Piles of clothes - spend two weeks at my house and you will have piles of clothes too. Trust me.

Scattered toys - a healthy back that's been saved by a gazillion less bend overs by mother.

Empty pizza boxes - mmmm. Who dang cares? You just ate pizza!

Toothpaste on walls - in case you didn't know, toothpaste is extremely easy to remove from walls.

Crayon on walls - an innocent child seeing a blank wall as a beautiful canvas to express herself. A little gentle correction can guide her to paper.

So, yes, that article made me happy. I love my pigsty. I love evidence of happy children enjoying childhood. I actually like Brangelina. Brad is super hot (I know. I'm married, but I can say that because my husband thinks he is hot too.) Now if only Brad would quit smoking, marry Angelina, and send me some money, things would be perfect.

Piglet #5

Who knew macaroni and cheese, milk, a plastic bowl and cup could be so entertaining?


  1. Amen and Amen!! Oh, and your playroom looks spotless!! I hadn't read about evicting your kids in any magazine, maybe i should! Make sure I'm doing it properly to avoid any legal repercussions!!

  2. I saw the Parents magazine beside your bed and figured you read it and acted upon its advice.

    Don't let the apparent spotless playroom fool you. The rest of the house is a disaster! That small piece of spotless square footage only stayed spotless for about 1/2 hour.