Friday, September 05, 2008

Terrible Twos

Jason has premature terrible twos. He still has 6 more weeks of his ones. The other day he was eating a banana. There's a "no eating in the family room except for popcorn" rule in our house and he walked into the family room oozing banana from his mouth and holding a half eaten banana in his hand. I politely said, "No, no, Jason, go to the kitchen." He has this bad habit of throwing things when he gets mad or when things don't go his way. As I expected he threw the banana on the family room floor. I gave him a slight slap on the hand and told him that it was naughty and I picked the banana up off the floor and carried it to the kitchen table. I wasn't overly mad because I was grateful it wasn't another glass of milk to clean up. With my back turned, he continued with his terribleness and proceeded to spit the banana he had left in his mouth onto the family room floor. Rotten kid! He better quit this monkey business soon!

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