Saturday, September 27, 2008

Creativity and Compassion Rule the World

So tonight I went to the General Relief Society Meeting for our church. It's broadcasted from Salt Lake and we watch it at our church building. It was really good. The General Relief Society President spoke about having faith, strong families and homes, and charity. Her counselors spoke too about some good stuff. But my favorite part is always when a member of the First Presidency gets up to speak in front of a crowd of thousands of women. Now keep in mind the First Presidency consists of three elderly men. Tonight President Uchtdorf spoke. He's not all that elderly. He's like 68 or something, but nonetheless, I could tell he enjoyed the response he received for his stand up comedy. He cracked jokes about his burnt toast and fried eggs, how his wife always apologizes for something she did wrong with the perfect meal she cooked like how she added too much ginger or not enough curry, as well as some other jokes that had the crowd rolling. The point of his talk was that women are awesome. We are beautiful both physically and mentally. After the comedy act, he pointed out that he understood that some women are experiencing sorrow, fear and other bad feelings that result from the trials we face in this life. He gave encouraging inspiration to let us know that those feelings can be overcome by applying two God-like attributes in our life. Those attributes are 1) creating and 2) having compassion. When we practice these two things, we can be on our way to a fullness of joy that is intended for us to experience in this life and in eternity. It was a very inspiring talk and by the end I was ready to stand on my feet and shout, "Yeahghhhhhhhhh! Relief Society is AWESOME!!" I didn't though and instead reverently listened to the choir sing a hymn that I can't remember because my mind was racing about what I was going to create and how I was going to show compassion. So this week I'm going to create myself a beautiful Relief Society super hero cape that I can wear while I go deliver home baked cookies to my neighbors. You think I'm kidding...

Well, I probably won't wear the cape while I deliver cookies, but I do strive to accomplish both things. Perhaps I'll wear the cape next time I teach at church.

So that was probably the best part about today. The next best thing was the fact that Playtex has changed what used to be a white gentle glide tampon applicator to a pink gentle glide applicator. How awesome is that? Gosh! I haven't bought tampons in like 18 months. The advances they have made! They are so pretty. It's like a little intimate piece of bubble gum. So, I love Playtex! Which brings me to ask:

Playtex or Tampax?
Townhouse or Ritz?
(Diet) Coke or (Diet) Pepsi?
Sprite or 7UP?
McDonalds or Burger King?
Green grapes or red grapes?
Del Monte or Green Giant?
Progresso or Chunky Beef?
Lays or Ruffles?
Graco or Evenflo?
Spray N Wash or Shout?
Crayola or Rose Art?
Plain or peanut?
Milk chocolate or Special Dark?
People or US?
Soup or salad?

Ok, now I'm just wasting time. I need to go be creative and create some dreams. Good night! I'll reveal my answers another time.


  1. you = weird!! I'm glad you enjoyed Relief Society. I guess I'll have to rent it! hahaha I even had tickets, but of course, when something is so easy to come by you take it for granted!

  2. Thanks Melinda...I knew I could count on you to give a great "recount" of last night's meeting. I loved it and even took notes, but my older brain doesn't have quite the memory capacity as yours does! Hope all is well! coke, 7-up and green grapes.

  3. melinda...OB of course. no applicator, therefor, more environmentally sound and you must try Zout instead of Shout. it's a miracle worker.