Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's been hard for me to maintain my blogging momentum since school started. Just an update on Jason's potty training:

The whole potty training thing began last week. I was upstairs taking a parenting escape break in my bedroom. I heard squealing downstairs. I was afraid to find out the cause. Then I heard someone say, "Let's tell Mommy!" It sounded positive, so I waited for them to come find me. Finally Sarah came into my bedroom and said, "Mommy, Jason went pee pee on the potty!" Apparently his older siblings took on the responsiblity of potty training their little brother. It was quite an exciting moment. Since that day, he's done fairly well. One puddle on the carpet, but the rest of the #1's and #2's have been in the little potty as long as he's not wearing anything waist down. Once he gets on underwear, he thinks it's his catcher's mitt for excrement. So we will be working on that the next few days - on keeping his underwear dry and clean.

I know. Not that exciting. But such is my life right now.


  1. Oh the joys of potty training. I know it is getting about that time to potty train Emma, but I am waiting as long as I can; I still have nightmares about potty training Braden!

  2. now that trae is officially potty trained, i can't say life is much better. it might stink a little less, but the constant having to go potty while we are in the car, along with the 'someone might steal my penis if i let go' phase. i'm sure i'll look back and miss this time in my life, but i think i've had enough fun for now!!