Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Our First Day in NY

Friday Morning we headed over to my grandmother's apartment. I gave Rachel to my grandmother, Nani. Rachel does not like to be separated from me even if I am within view. But she was so polite. I think she knew Nani was very old and that it was her duty to sit still and not cry. She sat on Nani's lap for quite some time, but you can see in her eyes a plea for help.

Nani received some beautiful flowers from my brother's family. She loved them!

We went to Schaller's for dinner. They possibly have the best hots and hamburgers ever. But no free refills on drinks! That is so old school! In Rochester you have a choice of red or white hot dogs. White hot dogs are basically not smoked or cured which allows them to retain their natural color (at least that is what wikipedia says).

The ketchup boys. Schaller's also has 2 large buckets of sliced pickles, sweet or dill. That was always my favorite part of the restaurant because I love pickles. I used to love dill, but my taste has shifted to sweet. I wish I took a picture of them! Darn!

Then we went to the park. I have given up on ever getting a good picture of all six kids.

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