Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Little More Vacation

Ok, so my life has been totally boring the past few days and I just realized that I never quite finished our vacation photos. So here is the day we left NY on our way home. We're fortunate that Rochester is very close to Palmyra, so we stopped for a little church history and Sacred Groving. We went to the place where they printed the Book of Mormon and then the Sacred Grove. That's about all we had time for because we had to make it to Baltimore before bedtime.

The Sacred Grove entrance.
Thank goodness it wasn't raining this year and my husband managed not to pull his back like he did last year. We had a good experience this year.

Oh, how lovely was the morning.

Radiant beamed the sun above.

We did a self-time family photo.

Another self-timed family photo. Wendy thought she should put my camera case under her chin.

I tried to get a good photo of the kids by this tree stump, but it didn't quite work out. This is the best they would do for me.

On our way to Baltimore. Rachel feeding Emily a Twizzler.

We stopped at an old school Taco Bell in a shady part of town in Delaware. We ate fast and ran.

It had a really cool old school Taco Bell sign.

This is like one of 4 pictures I took while in Baltimore. We stayed at a friend's house and went to church with them on Sunday. They live 40 minutes away from their church building so we packed a lunch to eat at a park before the drive home. Sweet Amber even bought us some Diet Coke because she knows my husband is addicted.

After our 2 night, 1 day Baltimore stopover we headed home. The last day was a long day of driving. Boredom set in and Rachel thought it would be a good idea to dig her thumbnail into her sister's knee while she was sleeping.

We stopped at a rest area and I saw this sign on a stall door. I'm not sure exactly what Michelle is thanking the restroom patons for, but I'm glad she has good manners. Or maybe that is a little sacasm? "Thanks for plugging up our toilet!"

Then I was so happy to find another one of these powerful hand air dryers. We stopped at a way cool rest area in New York a couple days earlier that had automatic flushing toilets, automatic soap dispensers, automatic faucets, and automatic paper towel dispensers or the option to use a super powerful hand air dryer. I was so wishing I had my video camera at that bathroom because the automaticness and power were so cool. I fortunately had my camera in my pocket at this restroom in Virginia. It almost seeems dangerously powerful. If you watch closely you can see our skin moving around.

We stopped at this gas station to fill up. I'm not sure if gasoline and fireworks is the safest business combo, but we stopped anyway. The tank was getting pretty low.

Unfortunatley the pump was extremely slow. My husband put the pump in in the tank and then came over to my window to talk to me and I snapped some pictures of him for about 2 minutes. then I looked over at the pump and it hadn't even pumped a gallon yet. I took a video of it and observed that it took 20 seconds to pump 0.068 gallons. At that rate it would've taken 2.5 hours to fill our tanks. Like I said, it was SLOW!

So we stopped a couple exits down at this lovely gas station with faster pumps.

Don't know why Jason was in this position while he was sleeping, but he was.

Then we arrived home in good time after stopping for some pizza.

The End


  1. I wish you or one of the girls has put your head under the super hand dryer. That you have been the best "bad hair day" photo ever!

  2. The bathrooms on the Aircraft carrier at Patriots Point had those awesome hand dryers! Looks like a fun trip!