Friday, September 11, 2009

Nani's Birthday Party

So the whole purpose of our trip to New York was for my grandmother's 90th birthday party. Yay for being old! I hope to live to my nineties. It was a great day. One of my cousins and his family hosted it at their house, my parents ordered some good food and cake, other family members contributed, and I simply showed up with my husband and kids and enjoyed the party (and took pictures, of course). There were also fun activities for the 14 great grandchildren that were in attendance. (Two great grandchildren couldn't be there, my brother's kids.) Here are some pictures of the party:

The cake. It was beautiful, but we probably should've requested more flowers because there were lots of great grandchildren begging for a piece with a flower. I guess we'll remember that for next time for the 100th birthday cake.

This is Nani and her stylish sunglasses.

This is the other birthday girl, my mom. She was born on her mother's birthday. How cool is that? Wendy was almost born on my birthday, but I'm kind of glad I don't have to share. Notice Rachel is allowing someone besides me to hold her. That was somewhat miraculous. I think it was her birthday present to my mom.

The oldest person at the party.

The second youngest person at the party.
(My cousin has a child 7 months younger.)

My aunt gave the kids ice cream cones. A big hit.

Party favors. Really cool balls that light up when you bounce them.
Jason kept saying, "It's working!"

It was a great day. A relative later told me on our trip that my grandmother said, "It was the best party that she has ever been to."

Here's a 10 second video clip of the end of the Happy Birthday song.

I love how Nani says at the end, "Let's have cake now."


  1. Melinda, the cake is beautiful, however, you need to explain why the cake say Happy Birthday Nani "90". Why the quotes? Is she not really 90, or is a candidate for


  2. Aw man!! I can't believe I missed that! Hahaha! We must have been so focused on the beauty of the pink and purple and trying to keep great grandchildren from poking their fingers in it. That's too funny. Yeah, she's really 89, but we tricked her into believing that she was 90 this year because we won't be able to visit her next year. It's probably a more accurate candidate for Thanks for pointing that out!