Friday, September 25, 2009


My husband is an aspiring fisherman. This morning he took Emily, Bradley, and Sarah to a nearby dock to go fishing at 6AM while I remained in bed. Supposedly it's a good time for fish to bite. My husband caught a small bass that he threw back. Bradley caught a trout that they threw back and Sarah caught a Stingray that they kept and is cut up in our refrigerator. I snapped a few pictures of it in our sink, but I am too lazy to post pics. I think we were all pretty grossed out by it, but it's all part of the being self reliant thing. At least we know if we can't go buy a fresh fish filet at the supermarket, we can go catch our own small bass, trout, or stingray (or crack open some cans of tuna fish). I totally didn't even know you could eat stingray. Sarah was so proud of her catch. Thankfully there was an experienced guy at the dock to help give them tips and shrimp bait. Otherwise I'm sure they would've come home empty-handed. My husband said he was traumatized by having to cut up a dead animal. Technological wussy!

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