Monday, August 25, 2008

Park, Friendly's, Walmart

Day 4
August 14th

Today we took it kind of easy.

In the morning the kids played "climb the moutain" on the hotel mattress.

We took them to a park with some fountains. The younger kids had fun.

But the older ones with their warm Southern blood couldn't handle the cold northern water.

We went to Friendly's for dinner and took up almost half the restaurant.

We ate some ice cream.

We went to Walmart to get me some shoes that don't hurt my feet and bottled water. What's up with Rochester Walmart Shopping carts? I have never been to a Walmart where an infant seat does not fit in the cart. It was like shopping at the dollar store. I think Sam Walton would be very disappointed. The bigger the cart, the more stuff you might buy. Northerners! It's just too cold up here for them to think straight.

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  1. you guys know how to have fun!! seriously! who'da thought the hotel mattress could be so entertaining!?!? I can't wait for the pics of your kids in their green outfits!