Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Made it to Somewhere, New York

So we are here in a Days Inn somewhere in New York State. We stopped at about 1:30 am. Our plan was to stop at about 10 pm so that the kids would have some time to settle down and watch some Olympics before falling asleep. However, there weren't as many opportunities for lodging as I had hoped along the way. So for those who think our Earth is becoming overcrowded, I can testify that there is plenty of space and opportunites for growth along Interstate 81 between about York, PA and wherever we are in NY. I'm thinking some more Howard Johnsons, Holiday Inns, and Marriotts would be good. I just wasn't willing to risk putting my family up in The Three Bears Inn. The continental breakfast was likely to be too cold. So here we are about 2 hours away from Palmyra, New York. We are headed to the Sacred Grove and Hill Cumorah this morning. Woo hoo! Go Church History! And I guess I forgot to mention we are on our family vacation up to Rochester, New York to attend a family reunion for my family. I wish I could write more, but I'm limited on the battery life of this laptop because the power cord is in the van. I hope to post some pictures and highlights of the trip when we get to our final destination. You'll see how a family of 8 with six kids ages 7 and under get around Washington, DC. Stay tuned.

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