Friday, August 22, 2008

Headed Home

Boo hoo! It's time to head home and face reality. I bawled my eyes out tonight saying goodbye to my 89 year old grandmother. She made the comment that in 10 years it would be a totally different picture with all of our kids 10 years older. I told her, "Yes, and you will be 99." I hope she makes it to the Today show Smucker's jar and gets her name read by Willard Scott as a centenarian in 2019. We visited the cemetery today. My grandmother bought 8 plots many years ago. They were on sale or something. So far only 2 of them are used by my grandfather and uncle. I laid down on one of the empty plots to test it out. I think it suited me well, but give me at least 5 more decades. Pictures to come soon.

1 comment:

  1. wow, you really are sad to be leaving! seems you can't decide if you want to drive home with 6 little ones or just die right there! :) i'm glad you had a nice trip. if there is a nice thing...the nice thing about grandparents getting old and passing on is, you can do their temple work sooner! And, she is right, not only will your kids mostly all be teenagers, you'll have 10 more by then! :)