Friday, August 15, 2008

A Day of Amusement

Today we took the kids to a small local amusement park called Seabreeze. They had a great time of course. Who doesn't like amusement parks? Emily has graduated to the world of 48 inches. I forced her to go on the Sea Dragon, the pirate ship that goes up really high. She hated it. I forced her to go on the Jack Rabbit, a wooden roller coasted. She hated it. I'm just trying to condition her to love roller coasters. She's my only hope. Bradley refused to ride a horse on the carousel because he was scared. It was even a boring stationary one. He prefers to ride the "old people's" bench. However, by the end of the evening we had him riding the up and down horse and he even tried it side saddle. Emily hates leaving amusement parks. She cried. We left 45 minutes before the park closed which is normally taboo in our family. You must ride to the very end!

Yesterday we took the kids to a park that had some water fountains for them to run around in wearing their bathing suits. The fun lasted about 10 minutes before they began complaining that the water was too cold. They're spoiled Southerners.

People here have crazy accents. I tried my hardest to imitate it but I "jist can't dew it."

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  1. We miss you guys, but are so glad you are having so much fun. I can't wait to see all the cute pics.