Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Paternal Family Reunion

Day 6
August 16th

Today we slept in from our big day yesterday.

For lunch the kids ate Happy Meals at Nani's and the adults ate sub sandwiches. Then we went to a park/farm called Springdale Farm for a mini family reunion with my dad's side of the family. It was a cake and soda picnic.

There was a playground. Bradley went down the slide.

Emily did the monkey bars.

The little ones liked the swings. "No hands!"

Sarah looks like she swinging in Microsoft wallpaper.

Jason too.

I love having daughters, but the worst part about it is taking them to the restroom in public places. The restrooms at Springdale Farm looked cute. Everytime we visited a potty on our trip Wendy would ask, "Mommy, is this a little potty or a big potty?" I would always answer her, "It's a little potty." She's used to using a cushy kid's potty seat at home and is always a little hestitant to try new bathrooms. Telling her a potty is little seems to calm her nerves about sitting on a foreign piece of porcelein. This time she asked her common question, but what's a mother to say when you're greeted with a commode that leads to a big dark abyss?

"Sweetie, that's a big potty that leads to hell. I'll be sure to hold you so you don't fall in." Amazingly, all 3 girls survived the potty stop.

The petting farm attraction was closed but we looked at the animals from the fence. Wendy was so excited to see all the dog feathers.

The family photo.

It's a motely crew. My kids were complaining about the sun being in their eyes, therefore Sarah is hiding behind my cousin Jimmy, the skinny guy with the beard. My dad is the youngest of six children. His oldest brother is 16 years older than him and he is sitting in the front with the cane and his wife is in the blue jacket. One of his older sisters is in the red shirt next to his brother. His other older brother is with his wife and is standing behind the sister in the red shirt. My dad also has two other sisters. One lives in Florida and the other lives in Nebraska. The rest of the people are cousins besides my brother and his wife who are on the far left.

On my dad's side of the family I have 26 cousins. I am the youngest of all of them. I am also the youngest cousin on my mom's side. I am truly the baby of the family. That's probably why I desire to have so many children. My whole life I was deprived of people to boss around.

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