Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Every year our church has a Trunk or Treat event for the kids.  The kids love it.  This year they dressed up as a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end.  The costume only works if the kids stick together, which of course they didn't, but it made a good picture.  I purchased the black plastic cauldron for $7 at Walmart.  I bought the shirts as well, but I don't totally count it as part of the costume budget, because they will be worn as regular clothes again.  It will be fun going out as a rainbow all the time.  (Just kidding.  Maybe just some of the time.)

The Rainbow

Bobbing for Donuts.
After the game was long done and the kids moved on to the next activity, I looked over and saw Wendy (in green) still standing all by herself underneath her swinging donut, trying to catch it in her mouth.  I'm happy that she was being so obedient by not using her hands.  She failed to catch on that the rest of the kids eventually ended up using their hands to scarf down their donuts.

Their faces were sugary messes after the game.

The Pot of Gold

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  1. CUTE IDEA!!! We are going to trunk or treat tomorrow with the Malm clan. Should be exciting, carnival at five chilli and hot dogs at six and treating at seven with two wards.(it has been said that the other ward invited themselves and then tried to take over the planned activities.) More on that after the function.