Monday, October 18, 2010

Oops. I Skipped a Few Days

Ok, quick blog post.  Sometimes I get surprised at how many days have passed without me blogging. I was doing so good there for eight consecutive days.  We were out of town last week and traveling on Saturday.  I was exhuasted on Sunday, and so today I will blog.  Are those acceptible excuses?

But...hmmm... I don't have a whole lot to say.  This is the first week that we've been home as a family without crazily getting the house ready to sell or traveling somewhere since July.  Today we pretty much worked on getting back into a homeschool schedule.  We failed by 8:00 AM when we didn't wake the children up.  They are supposed to be downstairs eating breakfast by 8:30 AM.  They were downstairs eating by 10 AM.  Not too bad.  We were still able to accomplish learning.  I'm thinking of dedicating a post to "A Day in the Life of Homeschooling" since so many people ask me about it.  We'll see.  I might not want to expose too much of my slackness.

That's about it.  I have some pictures to post, but I'm trying to get organized.  The day before we left on our trip I had to have the house ready to list on the market so it could be shown.  I basically shoved all odds and ends wherever there was a closet or cupboard door.  I feel very disorganized.  It's good to be home though.  I think.


  1. When Mike and I were out tonight we tried to see your blog (on his itouch) and an error message that said, "racism and hate your parental controls ban this website." came up. It didn't stop me from seeing your melons that one time but your blog title from the last post is so... hateful. Thought you would think that was funny.

  2. I knew I shouldn't have titled it that! I feel honored that you were looking at my blog while you were on a date. Surely you have more exciting things to talk about.