Monday, November 01, 2010

I should blog, but...

I just don't want to blog right now.  I was in super-grump mode today for no apparent reason.  I have noticed a correlation between my mood and the cleanliness of my kitchen floor.  I haven't mopped my kitchen floor in over two weeks because I was sick last Monday and I only mop on Mopping Mondays (because I like alliteration.)  I mopped it this evening, so we'll see how my mood is tomorrow. It should improve. may have nothing to do with my floors and I might just be grumpy because it's nearing that time of the month and I have a lot to do this week.  Sigh.  I vote for clean kitchen floors to solve the problem because being grumpy is hard work and exhausting.  So this is my attempt tonight.  I have lots to talk about.  We had our 4th Annual Celebrate Day on Saturday.  Pictures later....


  1. When I was too tired to mop the kitchen when the children were young, Iwas always was afraidI I would get stuck to the floor and no one would rescue me.

  2. I love reading what you write and you amaze me how you do everything with 7 kids. I only have 2 and can't seem to get things done. :)

  3. Magic Mirror Mondays,Wash it Wednesdays...we like alliteration at our house, too!

    Funny that we are both selling our houses at the same time! Where are you moving to? I guess you can't answer that specifically in a blog comment...but wanted you to know you're awesome and keep up the good work!