Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I just want to apologize for all the typos I've been typing for the past two months.  I just went through several of my posts from the past couple of months last night on my 20 something inch monitor, and realized that I've made a lot of what seems to be keyboarding mistakes in my posts.  How annoying and unprofessional!  I'm sure that there are grammatical errors as well, but I likely didn't catch those because my grammar isn't the greatest.  (I'm learning as I teach my own kids.)  Anyway, I just wanted to offer an explanation. For the past three months I have been mostly operating from my netbook which has a 10 inch screen.  I guess it's more difficult to detect typos on a smaller screen that requires more scrolling and squinting.  Or maybe my eyes are just getting old.  Or mabye itts jist mee because I cant ttype.

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