Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Is it better to blog everyday even though some posts might be boring?  Or is it better to blog less often with good posts.  I can't decide.  Help me.

Today I cleaned out the garage.  We are getting ready to try and sell our house.  The market isn't looking so hot, but we are going to try because my husband has a new job.  Right now he is working remotely, but they expect us to move there by next summer, which means a new city and state.  I would like to say that I cleaned the garage to make it look nice for prospective buyers, but the truth is I needed to make room for more junk, because I need to declutter the inside of my house.  Seriously, why do I have some much stuff?  When I was gone for two months, it wasn't like I missed any of it (maybe a few things, but not much).  We have 12 bicycles in our garage.  Various sizes in boy and girl versions.  My biggest challenge is downsizing the shoes on the shoe shelf in the kitchen.  I think we have, like, 24 pairs of shoes there right now.  My other challenge is trying to make the kids room look like an actual master bedroom. (Right now all of our children share the master bedroom because my husband uses the third bedroom as an office.) I'm tired from all the cleaning and painting, but I'm excited to have a fresh, clean home.

I know I need to post some pictures and documentation of my trip.  I'm not crazy about Blogger's photo uploader.  It seems to take forever.


  1. Does your printer have an sd card reader? Mine does and the pictures download in half the time that blogger takes...I love seeing your family.

  2. hope you sell your house in one week!! where's the new job taking you? good luck.
    i hate blogger photo upload. too slow.
    i use photobucket. just upload your photos and then copy and past the html code to your post on the edit html page. instant photos. i also edit my photos in photobucket as well.