Saturday, October 09, 2010

Last Day of Being Three

Today Jason graduated from the Terrible Threes.  He received an A.  Tomorrow he commences the Fabulous Fours. The previous four children were required to give up their pacifier for good on their 4th birthday, however, Jason was not a pacifier sucker.  We are going to require him to give up the temper tantrum.  Sometimes I wonder how this happy-go-lucky kid can be so rotten at times.  We have learned that if you just let him open the van door, life is so much easier.  

  A trot through the park.

His walking stick. 

We had a little early birthday party for him the last night my dad was here.

Jason ran his fingers in his empty ice cream bowl and sucked the ice cream off his fist.  It was his favorite flavor.  He calls it, "Cookies in the Cream."

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  1. Little boys of three are my most favorite time in their lives. I used to have a poem about little boys of three, I misplaced it some time ago, but I remember that it depicted the essence of three year old boys. You can never get that time back...