Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I marked yesterday as a very boring day, but I totally forgot to mention that it was the 20th anniversary of my first period. How could I forget that? Yes, on April 26th, 1990, at age 13, I got my first period. I was wearing white shorts. Thankfully it was a half day at school. When I got home I told my mom and she gave me a maxi pad. I don't think it took me long to figure out how to use a tampon. The day before on April 25th, I got a full set of braces. You could say that week possibly marked the peak of adolescence for me. I'm glad those days are over. Junior high was brutal.

Today I was watching TV and came across A Baby Story on TLC. NOT a good show to watch when you are 37 weeks pregnant. It sent me into a panic. The lady featured had an abnormal heart condition with high blood pressure. I didn't finish watching it to see if she survived or not. It's likely she did, but I will surely be the unlucky one to die in childbirth. Just tell me you all will miss me when I'm dead. To my local friends, make sure my children are dressed properly at church and that the girls' hair looks good. Thanks. And I'm cool with it if my husband remarries. I think it would be good for my kids to have a female influence while they are young. As long as he doesn't marry her for eternity and she's not hotter than me, I'm totally cool. And I would prefer that she is also a widow and an A cup. I probably think about this stuff too much.


  1. So, basically you had 10 years of periods and then 10 without?

    I'd miss you! So, don't die. And I think I totally agree with your husband remarrying 'clause'. Seriously, not as hot (not that they could get that lucky again) and not for eternity.

  2. I just watched Glee from Tuesday. Why did it have to be about a widow and widower falling love? Not helping my situation! And...I think my husband's new wife should wear acid wash jeans. picture needs to be on David's nightstand at all times.

  3. I saw that same baby story episode yesterday when I was sewing with my mom (she has cable.) That baby didn't look to healthy when they were trying to get it to breathe- I asked my mom if they would show it if it died, she said no.

    I hope you don't die, who else updates their blog?

    I too have told my husband to remarry. With such little children little Kenny and maybe Mary wouldn't remember me and they would need a mom. I could care less if she is hotter than me, but if she keeps the imaculate and totally organized home that I have not been able to accomplish (because I would rather read) and Mike thinks that is better I'll be ticked off. I'd hate to hear for the rest of eternity- but so and so could keep the house organized! Oh and she'd better not be as funny as I am. Hopefully she is better at laundry though, that would be a nice change for the family.