Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Garden

Yesterday while out in the front yard tending the garden I heard my husband say, "Get back in the yard!"  Sometimes our kids wander to the other side of the fence which makes it hard to keep an eye on them.  I looked up and saw a little girl about 4 or 5 years old riding a bike and what looked to be her grandfather to come and get her.  I asked my husband, "Did you just yell at the little girl?"  He nodded in embarassment.  Sometimes face recognition fails when doing a headcount of your own kids.  That little girl is probably banned from ever riding her bike in front the "mean people's" house.

Speaking of the garden, I totally cheated on my tomato plants this year.  I went ahead and bought some hybrid tomato plants.  My heirloom seedlings just didn't seem strong enough and I was afraid risking them not working and not having any tomatoes this year.  So instead, I planted a few of the strongest heirloom tomato plants in a pot in another part of the yard and hopefully I will get at least one or two tomatoes to collect seeds while we feast on hybrids.  I did the same thing with the bell peppers.  Gardening is a huge learning process.

My husband is also a little obsessive with collecting seeds.  He planted A LOT of grapefruit seeds last year in little pots.  He just repotted them in 5 gallon containers.  We have, like, twenty something potted grapefruit trees in our yard.  It's a little bit embarrassing.  When we got home from church today, my husband was out surveying the plants.  The neighbor across the street said, "Those are awfully nice clothes to be farming in."  So, yes, our tiny little yard is slowly becoming a farm.  But if all goes well, we should have some good produce this year.  I hope.  I really hope.  I'll have to post some pictures soon.  The zucchini, cucumbers, sunflowers, watermelon, and some zinnia have sprouted.  Still waiting on the cantalope.  I hate this part.  It can be so stressful...

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