Saturday, April 03, 2010


Yesterday we attended David's paternal grandfather's funeral.  He passed away on Monday at the ripe age of 90. It was a nice funeral. It was more celebratory than sad.  It's nice to know a good man died after living a good life.  David's dad said "He went out in style."  After the service we took some family pictures.  This is the best one we got of our family.  It was a good day.  My husband gets a bereavement day for deaths, so he enjoyed having the day off.  We need some more people to die now.  Just kidding.  Only if you're old an ready.

Other news:
We've been working on our garden.  Gardening is not a good activity when you're almost 34 weeks pregnant.  I'm totally going to put myself into labor and have this baby in April and not get my May baby.  My husband has prescribed me to bedrest until May 1.  He has a reward system for the 3 oldest kids for helping me out around the house while I sit on the couch and eat my Bon Bons.  If they pass, they get to go to Chuck E. Cheese at the beginning of May.

Remember how I said the other day that I was all awesomely into organization?  Well, I'm still working on it.  And of course there is opposition in all things.  I've create a schedule for myself that I call, "Nightly Neatening."  Every night of the week, except for Friday because it's date night, I have a small area of the house that I try to clean, declutter, or organize.  If I don't set a schedule, then I have a tendency to put it off and off because my mind has a tendency to say, "The kitchen floor is just going to get dirty again, so why bother cleaning it?"  And of course, my mind is right because every morning after I mop the floor, some kid usually drops their bowl of cereal, or glass of milk, or something nasty and sticky.  But there is something to be said for a littel regular maintenance.

So here is my schedule:

Monday - Mop kitchen floor and Comet kitchen sink.  (Having a white porcelein sink can be a pain in the neck.)
Tuesday - Clear clutter from Family Room cabinets and wipe down.
Wednesday - Throw away old food in refrigerator and wipe down shelves. (Because Thur. is trash day.)
Thursday - Clear clutter from desk, dust desk, wipe monitor, and file.
Friday - OFF
Saturday - Make sure kitchen is clean.
Sunday - Day of Rest

So last Wednesday I worked on my refrigerator.  I had the entire top half of the shelves beautifully cleaned and sparkling.  Old salsas, cream cheeses, and other junk was thrown away and I stocked it with some soda.  I only allow myself about one hour to work on the Nightly Neatening.  Whatever doesn't get finished will have to wait until the next week.  Well this morning my refrigerator looked horrible.  Two of the Diet Pepsis that were on the top shelf froze and exploded.  I think in my stocking the fridge, I blocked a vent/ air flow that caused items to freeze.  Whoops. My pretty fridge is not pretty anymore.  Ug.   :(  I'll try again next week.

I think I might be posting more failures than successes.  Learn from my mistakes.  I would like to think they are put to good use.

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  1. The frige photo cracks me up- probably because stuff like that always happens to me.