Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Day in a LIst

I was totally going to post about something today, but my pregnant brain forgot.  My pregnant brain is becoming a lot more forgetful these days.  I almost hate to think about all the things I might have forgotten.

We had pancakes and strawberries for dinner.  It was yummy.

The gnats are eating me alive in all this gardening.  They are out 24 hours a day.  They even attack when wearing bug spray, pants and long sleeves.  This garden better be worth it.  There's still a lot of work to do. 

I'm tired.

I'm into listing things these days.

I successfully replaced a headlight in my husband's car yesterday.

I have a bug bite on the top of my index finger that I just finished scratching.

I think I planted my zucchini too close.  I find it excruciatingly painful to thin plants.  It feels like murder.

My Nightly Neatening chore tonight is to clean my desk.  I'm not sure I will get to it.

The light over my kitchen sink is out, which makes it very uninspiring to do dishes.  I'm too short and pregnant to change it, but am too tired to go upstairs to ask my husband.  It's too bad he's not online for Google Talk or doesn't check his Facebook.  Maybe I will email him.

I just ate two leftover pancakes and made them into strawberry tacos with whip cream.  It was yummy, but doesn't count for dessert.

Seriously, why am I listing stuff?  Does anybody really even care?

I worked on writing the ABC's with Wendy and Jason today.  Jason was a lot better than I would've expected at 3 1/2.  He is right handed.  He's been pretty ambidextrous up until this point, but it looks like he favors the right hand for writing.  He will occasionally eat with his left hand.

We totally forgot to celebrate Jason's half birthday on Saturday.  That was disappointing.  But he does know he is 3 1/2 now.

Thursday is ham sandwiches and potato chips for lunch day.

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  1. I'm not pregnant and I keep forgetting to update my blog. I wish for bugs and gardens but the weather will still be too cold for another month with more snow. I have 3 left handed children and 3 rights I was so hoping that Kenny would break the tie and be left but he favors that right hand. Oh well. The cloud of pregnancy will turn to the cloud of nursing all night- so no worries.