Monday, April 19, 2010

Reading, Writing, Talents, and Divine Inspiration

Sarah is my delayed learner.  She likes to learn things on her own time.  She is six years old and still in the early stages of reading.  I'm ok with it.  She likes Barbies and any kind of pretend play.  She is my child who will make a family out of five colored pencils and create a big elaborate story.  I am a believer in letting children play to their heart's delight.  I believe playing is learning.  She's is practicing the early stages of story writing while playing Barbies and Pencils.  I don't care so much that she's not writing the plot down on paper.  It will all come in its own good due time.  What she lacks in language skills, she makes up for in math.  She's good with numbers.

Today she got her composition book out.  She told me that she was going to learn to write words today.  I was excited that she took the initiative to decide that.  Then she proceeded to ask me, "Mommy, how do you spell 'multitude'?" 

Ok, so I was thinking more like "cat", "bat", "rat", "sat", or maybe even some four letter words.  But if she wants to start with "multitude" that's fine.  She told me that if she is going to be able to read her scriptures really good she needs to learn how to spell the words.  Then I asked her to write, "It came to pass..."


We had a talent show tonight for Family Home Evening.  These were the talents:
Emily - She showed us a picture she drew.
Bradley - He played a song with his right and left hand on the piano.
Sarah - She did a handstand and a headstand.
Wendy - She was disappointed that Jason threw her picture away, so she attempted a cartwheel.
We aren't quite sure what Jason and Rachel's talents are yet.  I think the mess around the house and drawings on the walls are their talents.
Mommy - Emily suggested that I show my big belly because I am good at making babies.
Daddy - He tickled the kids because he's good at tickling.

For dessert we ate Twinkies.  Saturday while grocery shopping my husband was disappointed that the kids didn't even know what a Twinkie was. So we bought a box.  My husband and I were ashamed that our kids didn't know Hostess Cakes.  They enjoyed them.  Emily told us that in Primary yesterday her teacher was trying to explain about birthrights because their lesson was on Jacob in Esau.  The teacher used the example of the oldest child getting a Twinkie.  Emily said there was a child in the class that said, "What's a Twinkie?"  Emily made sure to tell the teacher that her parents bought Twinkies the day before and that they were going to eat them Monday night.  So I'm convinced my husband was divinely inspired to buy those Twinkies to help reinforce the Sunday School lesson.  So, next time you're at the grocery store, don't resist the urge to buy a treat.  It may be divine inspiration.  Tonight all six kids received the Twinkie birthright:


  1. Sarah sounds like me. I was a late reader too, but once I started reading you couldn't stop me! And you can see that hasn't been much of a problem... :)

  2. After love of God and a caring heart, developing a child's self confidence and a love for learning are the most important lessons for young children. Everything else will be a .....Twinkie.

    Jason and the Twinkie- that's my boy. The contemplation of something sublime.

    Chera- How many books this year? How many dictionaries are a pleasure to read? I just read your blog. :) If Sarah takes after you, we have no worries!

    My children and grandchildren are quirky but intelligent.